Lightweight Shelter

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I prefer a four-season tent, because it will stand up to whatever comes your way.   The design I prefer employs is  a lightweight  tent made with a single waterproof/breathable wall, rather than typical double-wall construction. The single-wall design reduces weight but does elevate the price because of the special fabric used.  However it pays for itself when you go to extremely remote areas where you need to carry other gear that is just as important.  The weight reduction and strength allows you to do this easily.  Further I like the tepee tents because of their simplicity to put up in an emergency. The typical tepee consists of a single center pole, a single-layer, cone-shaped, waterproof wall, and sometimes a detachable floor. Read more

Pocket Auto: For People who do not want to carry a gun

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There’s no arguing that few, if any, would consider the Guardian as an ultimate choice for an all around gun. But for some it’s the right choice. The Guardian is safe, reliable and accurate once you get used to shooting it. I have a bit of trouble based on the size of my hands. But as you can see in the video my shots are still all in the black.   It met all of the criteria in our test, and will do what it needs to if pressed into service. It is 4.4 inches long, 3.2 inches high, .86 inch wide, and it weighs in at 13 ounces empty or 15 ounces fully loaded. It fits in a pocket, a belt or pocket  holster or it can be placed in a tackle box or kit bag with no real increase in weight.  Selecting the flat bottomed magazine will reduce the pistol’s profile even further. Read more

Learning Primitive Fire Starting Skills (With Video)

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The three most common methods of Primitive Fire Making are the Burning Lens, the Bow Drill, and Firesteel. A well educated woodsman, etc., should be well versed in all three methods. In fact, it is useful knowledge for anyone who camps especially young people who plan on spending time in the wilderness. Read more

The Single Action Revolver (With Video)

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The single-action revolver has been used for self-defense, putting meat in the pot and for just plain fun shooting.  When I was 12 years old my Granddad mail ordered a Remington Black Powder Single Action  .44 copy for me  from an add in one of the hunting magazines of the day. I practiced drawing and firing that gun for hours every day. I used a holster brought back to Michigan from Mexico for use as a decoration on someones wall.  I wore the holster out drawing firing and re-holstering. Read more

Wilderness Survival Rule of Three’s (With Video)

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No matter what kind of outdoor activities you plan to do, you may one day find yourself in a wilderness survival situation – lost in the middle of nowhere, or you took the wrong fork in the river,  with no food and no gear.  It can happen you get and would you know what to do? The Rule of Three’s is something that everyone should know before taking any outdoor  trip. It could save your life. Read more

Simple Improvised Trapping Techniques (With Video)

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I place a heavy emphasis on trapping skills.  Setting traps takes little effort to set up and the benefit of the protein and fat from animals will keep you going and your brain working during any emergency situation. Many people dismiss trapping and think they can shoot, spear, or by some other means catch their quarry. I am here to tell you that if you want to fill the pot and keep it filled trapping will do just that. Read more

The .32 ACP (With Video)

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I was first introduced to the M1903 Colt Pocket Hammer-less in 1974 by the late Harry Archer of the CIA. In the 1970s Harry Archer and I tested almost every .32 ACP pistol made, to isolate which pocket guns were the most reliable, accurate, and natural instinctive pointers in the Applegate style. We fired lab specimens borrowed from the NRA museum, FBI and BATF labs as well as some unusual guns borrowed from various military collections. There were no hollow-point factory loads available back then, so we shot “hot” European hardball and hand loads assembled with various cast bullets and Winchester factory “gumball soft” lead, 100-grain flat-nosed .32-20 slugs similar to Ideal #3118 which became Harry’s choice for carry ammo in his overseas go-bag. Read more

How to Select a Field Knife (With Video)

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To pick a good field knife for you, you should have a pretty good understanding of knives. Meaning just because it looks cool does not mean it is going to work. The wow factor when it comes to knives is meaningless if it does not do the job you need it to do or if it breaks while you are doing it. Read more

The 5 environmental factors that affect accuracy (With Video)

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The five (5) “environmental” factors that affect accuracy — Temperature, Humidity, Elevation / Barometric Pressure, Wind, and Light. Keep in mind when we are shooting to put food on the table or other reasons we are not shooting a match where we are trying to put all of the bullets through the same hole. Temperature affects our shooting in several different ways: Read more

Dirty Harry Shoulder Holster (With Video)

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The N frame Smith, with a 4″ or 6″ barrel was commonly carried in a belt holster, either on a police duty belt for law enforcement, or in a field holster for hunters. There were some shoulder holsters available; but these tended to be intended for field use over a jacket, and were not designed for comfort or concealment. So who made a concealment holster, back in 1972, that offered a fast draw, and reasonable comfort?  Lawman Leather Goods did. Even the producers of Dirty Harry felt the Lawmen Leather Goods shoulder holster was the best on the market for their fictional Inspector Harry Callahan. Read more

Hunting With the Cold Steel Throwing Torpedo and RPG (With Video)

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The Torpedo and RPG are a lot of fun for target throwing because they are easy to throw from almost any distance. These tools slide effortlessly from the hand for a perfect release and offer twice the sticking potential of a conventional throwing knife. What’s more, they allow you stand way back from the target (20 yards or more) and really throw them with tremendous force. They are also great Multi-Taskers. Read more

Easy: Make A Self Feeding Wilderness Stove (With Video)

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Cooking in the wilderness can be a little bit tricky. However by making this wilderness stove it will cure a lot of the problems people have cooking in the field. It is made with materials you find right on the trail, it requires no skill to make and only takes a few minuets.  I can assure you this will become one of your new favorite bush craft skills. Read more

Fishing in Wild Places (With Video)

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For an angler with a love of America’s wild places fishing in these type of remote waters promises epic adventure and a stockpile of stories for you and your family. When Meriwether Lewis and William Clark began their expedition to explore the Western part of the continent, they commissioned Private Silas Goodrich to be their fisherman. It was Goodrich’s job every night to wet a line in the river and see what he could bring home. His assignment was partly for food, partly for scientific research,1 but mainly because Lewis, Clark, and Goodrich all loved to fish. Read more

Finding Water and Cache’s in Dry Riverbed’s (With Video)

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Cottonwood Tree’s in arid country indicate a river bed. Whether that bed turns out to be wet or dry is another question. But if it’s dry, examine the ground by one of the largest and most ancient of the cottonwoods, on the inside bank of the old river’s curve; you will usually fund a small pool of water in the wet season and a good place to dig in the dry. There should be enough ground moisture so that if you really need water you can dig down a foot or so and find seepage. However keep in mind, that it usually does not pay to dig for water. With the amount of energy used the moisture lost in sweat usually far exceeds that gained from the hole you have dug. But if you are far away from civilization and desperate you do not have much to lose. Read more

Tension or Pressure Cutting a Tree with a Knife (With Video)

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Tension or Pressure cutting with a knife  is fairly easy to master. The key is the wood you are cutting can not be to hard, and your knife has to be really sharp. My Granddad religiously used this technique to cut limbs, saplings and such. The technique is fairly easy, you bend the tree or branch you want to cut, take a firm grip on the knife, and cut straight down and away from yourself  at the top of the bend. As with all good knife craft,  if it is not working the wood is probably to hard or you are not cutting at the right angle. What ever you do, do not force it. If you are doing it right your knife will move through the wood fairly well. You may need to take a second slice depending on the thickness of the wood. But it will not be a major chore to get it done. Read more

Batoning: How to Safely Baton With Your Knife (With Video)

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I think batoning is a skill that everyone who goes in the field should learn with a smaller knife. However that being said the proper tool for the job always works best. I have plenty of experience doing this, because in my travels I have been stuck with out the proper tool and had to make do because of the mission or situation. Read more

Knife Throwing: No Spin / Flip Technique (With Video)

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No Spin /Flip knife throwing is an alternative throwing style. The principal difference between this style and standard knife throwing is that  the knives are thrown so that they fly straight into the target with no rotation, or flipping.  The knife fly’s straight like an arrow.  This is accomplished by a throw that resembles a shot put  accompanied by a slight downward flick of the wrist as the knife is released, in order to cancel out momentum accumulated in accelerating the knife. This style is considered more difficult than standard knife throwing, but I completely disagree, It has a huge advantage you do not need to gauge the distance to the target. In my opinion it is more useful for defense and hunting .  I have tried this style with a pocket knife to a machete and it works fine with them all. I would only throw my field knife in the gravest extreme. But I am addicted to this new sport. Read more

The Traditional Bow (With Video)

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The longbow was used in the Middle Ages both for hunting and as a weapon of war and reached its zenith of perfection as a weapon in the hands of English and Welsh archers.  The longbow was first recorded as being used by the Welsh in 633 AD when Offrid, the son of Edwin, king of Northumbria, was killed by an arrow shot from a Welsh longbow during a battle between the Welsh and the Mercians — more than five centuries before any record of its military use in England. Read more

Making a Mini-Survival Kit (With Video)

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Mini-survival kits are small kits that contain a few basic survival tools. These kits often include a small compass, fire starter of some sort , a fishing hook and fishing line,  an Exacto knife blade, and a safety pin. Pre-packaged survival kits may also include instructions in survival techniques, including fire-starting or first aid methods. In addition, parachute cord can be wrapped around the container if you wish. The parachute cord can be used for setting up an emergency shelter or snaring small animals. However if you live in the city medication may be what you need to survive. A mini-kit is for those things you personally will need in an emergency. Read more

How to use a Fire Steel (With Video)

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A lot of people think fire starters are straight forward and simple to use.  They really are not, and it takes some practice and proper technique to get competent with their use.  A lot of people have spent cold and hungry nights because they did not know the  proper method. When you purchase a fire steel the very first thing you need to do is remove the coating by scraping down the steel until you see a distinct color change. Read more

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