Wax Ammunition a good way to improve your handgun skills (With Video)

October 14, 2009 by  
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Wax Ammunition is  a good way to improve your combat handgun skills just about anywhere any time.  The process is so simple, take a wax bullet, push it into the casing , then put a shotgun primer or .22 blank into the other end. The shells I use for wax bullets have been specially counter-sunk where the normal primer hole will accept a shotgun primer. If a .22 blank is used, then you will need a special casing with a special hole off to the edge that allows the center-fire action of the revolver to strike the rim of the .22 blank. Read more

Dryfire Laser Drills (With Video)

September 27, 2009 by  
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Weapon handling skills degrade by 20% in only one week if you are inactive. Dry fire practice is crucial to improving and maintaining live fire skills.  In dry-fire, you experience everything except the bang and the cycling of the action if you are using a semi-auto.  If you use a laser or wax bullets you can also see the hit on target.  By not having to deal with recoil you will be able to concentrate on proper equipment manipulation and trigger control.  Smoothness comes from familiarity with your gear. The key to effective practice is to perform the fundamentals perfectly smoothly, speed comes with time. Point Shooting, trigger control, sight alignment, sight picture, grip and posture can all be practiced during dry-fire but it must be done correctly or you will just ingrain poor habits. This is when you should really concentrate, you are alone with no distractions. Does not matter how slow or fast you go. Just do it right.  The smoother you get the faster you will be able to perform. Read more