UFO Motel Soon to Be Landing in California Desert

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I only care about this story becuse they have beef jerky.  How do you stand out in a tiny desert town that boasts the World’s Largest Thermometer? Easy. Open a UFO-themed beef jerky store. “The Gateway to Death Valley” — as blistering Baker, Calif., is known — is also where Argentina-born Luis Ramallo parked his now-famous Alien Fresh Jerky store several years. Ramallo, a deeply serious believer in extra-terrestrials, had first opened a jerky stand near infamous Area 51 (the Air Force base central to many UFO conspiracy theories), out along the Extraterrestrial Highway in Rachel, Nev. Read more

Britain Releases Secret Papers on UFO Sightings

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I know this is not really outdoor related, but a lot of outdoors man and woman claim to see them.  (Feb. 18) — The minister in charge of domestic law enforcement and passports in Britain is used to close scrutiny. But the government figured it was worth an extra look when six witnesses swore they saw a UFO hovering over his house. That was one of more 1,600 “unexplained aerial sightings” reported in the U.K. from 1994 to 2000 and described in more than 6,000 pages of formerly secret papers released today by the British Ministry of Defense.

The 1997 incident was taken seriously enough that the Royal Air Force began an immediate investigation of what witnesses, including two firefighters, reported as a large, triangular “humming” object seen over a house owned by then-Home Secretary Michael Howard.   The object was described as being much bigger than a plane, with lights around the outside and a disc on the back, fitting a classic description of UFOs reported around the world.

“It was so peculiar,” one witness told a local paper, “it all felt really odd, and I heard this humming noise. After a few seconds it shot off, leaving in a flash of light.” It then returned, flashing off again three or four times, she added, before disappearing altogether.

The RAF concluded that nothing unusual had happened and no military activity had been reported in the area, in Folkestone, Kent, overlooking the English Channel.  In another incident, a man driving in Wales on Jan. 27, 1997, said he was surrounded for five minutes by a “tube of light” that swept toward him. His radio and cell phone stopped working, and he later felt ill and developed a skin condition, the report said.

Two years earlier the pilots of a Boeing 737 reported a “near miss” with a UFO as they were approaching Manchester airport. Both pilots said they saw a lighted object flying at high speed toward them on the airliner’s right side.  Again, no unusual traffic activity was reported in the area, and the Ministry of Defense report said it could find no evidence of extraterrestrial activity.

According to The Guardian, the reports released today reflect the ministry’s “growing irritation with the subject.” The next batch of reports is scheduled to be released next year, and they will be the last.   On Dec. 1, the ministry announced it would no longer be investigating UFO sightings reported by the public.

Believe in Bigfoot, there is a Conference in Tyler on the 26th

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ImagesJust in case you might have neglected marking it on you calendar, the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy will be holding its annual “scientific conference” in Tyler on Sept 26. Newsworthy subjects on the conference agenda include “Why are there no bones?” and “What does it eat?” We all know they they love beef jerky, and screwing with Sasquatch can be dangerous. The Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Is this Photo an Unknown creature, freak of nature, or Hoax?

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Backcountry.com The latest photo of a monster to appear online was reportedly killed by children in Panama who were in fear for their lives. This thing crawled out of a cave like E.T. coming out of a shed, and scared teenagers pummeled it with sticks and rocks until it died. They then tossed the corpse into a nearby lake but later returned to take photos. Some think it is a sloth that lost its hair, others say it may have had its hair removed, and still others think it is legit. But it has yet to be examined by a professional. I think they found a dead sloth, soaked the animal in water that makes the hair easily removed, removed the hair and took a photo.