Tension or Pressure Cutting a Tree with a Knife (With Video)

May 21, 2010 by  
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Tension or Pressure cutting with a knife  is fairly easy to master. The key is the wood you are cutting can not be to hard, and your knife has to be really sharp. My Granddad religiously used this technique to cut limbs, saplings and such. The technique is fairly easy, you bend the tree or branch you want to cut, take a firm grip on the knife, and cut straight down and away from yourself  at the top of the bend. As with all good knife craft,  if it is not working the wood is probably to hard or you are not cutting at the right angle. What ever you do, do not force it. If you are doing it right your knife will move through the wood fairly well. You may need to take a second slice depending on the thickness of the wood. But it will not be a major chore to get it done. Read more