Fishing in the Alaskan Wilderness

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by Scott E. Becker

On August 8, 1728, twelve hardy men left the relative safety of the Russian ship Sviatoi Gavriil (St. Gabriel) for theThe Cub dark shores off the starboard bow. Shrouded in oil skins and huddled over well worn oars they fought high winds and the pull of strong tides as they made their way to the dark and strange shore.  The skies were low and the seas high that day as they silently made their way to shore to hunt for supplies and bury a comrade on the island now known as St. Lawrence Island, located north latitude 64*30’.  An unnamed cook had died on board ship; his soon to be grave near a Chuikchi village would be adorned with what was likely the first Christian cross on Alaskan shores.  They may have been the first Europeans to visit magical Alaska; they sure would not be the last. Read more

Exculsive Photos Fishing and Flying in The Alaska Wilderness

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A rare glimpse at the guy behind the camera, Scott Becker the wilderness photographer whose work has been described as amazing. Photographed here as he enjoys a cigar while salmon fishing in the Alaska wilderness and in his Cub Airplane.  He claims all he ever does is work, and spends all of his time taking photos. We know better now. It cost us big bucks to get this since Scott  is camera shy.  You will only see his photo here at  :P


The Cub