Bolt Action Combat Reload (With Video)

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At a very young age I was taught to keep my rifle and shotgun topped off. My Granddad would tell me just because the animal fell it does not mean that it is dead.  Never just run up to it after the shot,  top off your gun, and put a round in the chamber before you move forward.  Because you never know when you might need a follow up shot. Also on the way to retrieve the first one,  a second animal may appear and if your gun is empty you will not have a chance at getting it. Read more

Teaching Your Children Life Skills

Teaching Your Children Life Skills

By Steven L. Doran

A tree can not grow in a closet. One of the things a lot of  parents lack these days is the ability to trust that their children can learn certain life skills.  As a parent we all want what is best for our children, yet we are the ones who typically hold them back.  It is easier to let them sit in front of the tube or a video game then get them going on an outside interest.
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