No Crimes Committed By Gun Carry Permit Holders

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An article in the Amarillo, Texas, newspaper indicates that of the 327,560 concealed carry permit holders in the state. The article provides some great figures to ponder if you don’t believe in concealed carry. For example, of the 1,791 robbery convictions in Texas last year, there was not a single CCW holder among them.  This is not just standard for Texas, these figures are echoed nationally.  People do not obtain a permit to carry or buy a gun legally to commit a crime.

Numbers Soar as Women Obtain Connecticut Pistol Permits

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Images-1Nearly 12,000 new pistol permit have been issued this year in Connecticut, a state with one of the historically lowest gun ownership rates in the country. Retailers and safety instructors report a surge in first-time gun purchases, particularly by women. Via AP.

Who Really Protects You ?

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By Steven L. Doran

As a former director of public safety, I will let you in on a little secret.  Police respond to crimes that have already been committed or that are in the process of being committed.  They do not prevent crime. Read more