Wilderness Fitness (With Video)

October 24, 2009 by  
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By Steven L. Doran

Health and fitness can not be obtained by simply taking a pill or watching a video. Everyone is capable of improving their physical ability. It is not going to happen overnight but you will see progress in a matter of days. Your goal should always be am I physically fit enough to get out of harms way? Or can I improve my fitness level to accomplish my outdoor goal with less chance of injury . Read more

Ecotherapy, Green Therapy, nothing but a good old-fashioned walk

August 20, 2009 by  
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Want to feel better? Live longer? Have less physical and mental problems? Scientist’s are discovering what outdoors men and women have known Since the begining of time. Take a walk. Yes it is that simple.  But scientists and Doctors have to give it a cool name to lead people to believe they thought it up . It is called “green therapy” or “ecotherapy,” it seems health officials are just now discovering nothing beats a walk with a friend, or alone looking at God’s creation.  My Grandad used to say if you don’t walk you die. He based that on waching farm animals. When they laid down and would not get back up they died.  How many of us sit in front of our desk, computer or whatever and never get back up. Take a hike and call me in the morning.