Hunting with a Slingshot (With Video)

Hunters have become accustomed to stalking game with the latest equipment , but one of the funnest, cheapest and oldest forms of hunting is with a Slingshot in Europe they are known as a catapult.  Hunting is fun and challenging, and requires skill, practice and the ability to be fairly accurate.  Slingshots 003_3have less shooting range than a rifle or shotgun, but if you miss the game typically will hang around depending on what it is, and you can get followup shots.  I keep a variety of commercially and hand made slingshots and take them out with me regularly and practice while I am walking down a trail.  You do not need any special target just pick a rock stick or whatever stop and take aim, and see if you can hit the spot or item you selected. Soda cans hanging on string swinging in the wind work well. Just make sure you are not going to take out any windows or break anything where you intend to practice. Read more