Approaching Labor Day Weekend Means Congestion, Safety Concerns

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People will be massing roadways, public land and waterways this Labor Day weekend, bringing the summer boating and park going season to an unofficial end.
Given the typical level of activity, we cannot stress the importance of safety, enough and encourages people to designate a sober driver for the weekend, and be prepared for your adventure. Just because there are more people it does not make it safer. In fact it will make things more unsafe, especially your drive to and from.
Booze and people do not mix on a multitude of levels.
Intoxicated persons cause the danger level to rise. Large public gatherings also encourage criminal activity, everything from theft to armed robbery and worse.
Holiday weekends mean increased use of public lands, roadways and waterways and that means an increased need for safety and awareness. Stay safe by being prepared.
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Panic Never Helped Anyone

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by Steven L. Doran

You are lost and you are limited on supplies, maybe you do not even have any, and a storm is coming.

Most people  never have to deal with life-or-death dilemmas of a true survival situation.  Everyday situations can be every bit as stressful if you are  not accustomed to dealing with it. Then when disaster strikes on the trail or in life you just fall apart.  Learning how to remain calm in times of stress or disaster will not only make things go more smoothly,  over time, things will only get better in your life. Read more