Hunting With the Cold Steel Throwing Torpedo and RPG (With Video)

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The Torpedo and RPG are a lot of fun for target throwing because they are easy to throw from almost any distance. These tools slide effortlessly from the hand for a perfect release and offer twice the sticking potential of a conventional throwing knife. What’s more, they allow you stand way back from the target (20 yards or more) and really throw them with tremendous force. They are also great Multi-Taskers. Read more

Knife Throwing: No Spin / Flip Technique (With Video)

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No Spin /Flip knife throwing is an alternative throwing style. The principal difference between this style and standard knife throwing is that  the knives are thrown so that they fly straight into the target with no rotation, or flipping.  The knife fly’s straight like an arrow.  This is accomplished by a throw that resembles a shot put  accompanied by a slight downward flick of the wrist as the knife is released, in order to cancel out momentum accumulated in accelerating the knife. This style is considered more difficult than standard knife throwing, but I completely disagree, It has a huge advantage you do not need to gauge the distance to the target. In my opinion it is more useful for defense and hunting .  I have tried this style with a pocket knife to a machete and it works fine with them all. I would only throw my field knife in the gravest extreme. But I am addicted to this new sport. Read more

The Tomahawk (With Video)

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The name Tomahawk was used by the Algonquian Tribe of Virginia. In other parts of the county the Tomahawk was generally referred to as a hatchet.  The tomahawk had many uses and was considered to be irreplaceable by those who used them.  They were used for everything from chopping, digging, hammering and cleaning and hunting game: to hand to hand combat and as throwing weapons. Read more

Hunting with a Spear (With Video)

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A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft with a sharpened head. The head may be simply the sharpened end of the shaft itself which can be hardened in a fire if necessary. Or it may be of another material fastened to the shaft, like we have done using the Cold Steel Bushman. Read more

Gathering Wild Honey (With Video)

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Honey is one of the best foods on the planet because of its nutritional value, and it antibiotic qualities.  Make sure that your target is actually a honeybee hive. Not everything that buzzes leads to honey. Wasps and yellow jackets make nests, but they do not produce any honey, you can eat their larvae but that is another article. Also, there are solitary species of bees which don’t make honey.  The best way to find a wild hive is to follow bees you see gathering pollen to their home. Read more

Hunting with a Blowgun (With Video)

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One of the techniques mastered by rain forest Indians is blowgun hunting, for thousands of years natives of the tropical rain forest have secured their protein by means of hunting with bows and arrows, and blowgun’s. Read more