Pistol Caliber Shot Loads

May 7, 2010 by  
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Any outdoors-man who carries a handgun afield routinely should carry a few shot loads for contingencies. Whether you handload your own, or buy them, just get a few. I don’t use very many, maybe a half-dozen a year, but when I get surprised by a rattler in the woodpile or outhouse, they are comforting. Then, there’s always the hope a fat grouse will appear under my tree stand during deer season… Read more

.22 Pistols of the Clandestine Service

November 3, 2009 by  
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Pre-war sport model Colt Woodsmans, and WWII-era High Standards are among the greatest natural pointers in HiStdModBwithEleyStandardthe Applegate method. Their user’s attention is  “target focused,” upon the threat, watching the bad guy’s hands, evaluating whether he is friend or foe, being ready to either instantly disappear without notice, or to “shoot and scoot,”  always with emphasis on speed. We aren’t talking “first-shot-stops” here, but accurate double or triple taps delivered in two seconds or less. The gun is gripped convulsively and pointed “as naturally as if it was an extension of your finger.” Read more