Chinese scientists to embark on a 1m-expedition in search of the country’s equivalent of Bigfoot

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China to embark on Yeti expedition

We know this is really not outdoor news but we get a kick out of the bigfoot and other  like stories. Also if anyne has a million bucks they want to give me to go look for one I am all over it ;P  What is alleged to be the footprint of a Yeti (left) is measured on the Dhaulagiri mountain northwest of Pokhara, Nepal, and compared to a human footprint  Photo:

The fresh search for the ‘yeren’, or ‘Wild man’, comes nearly 30 years after China’s Academy of Science launched three expeditions in the late 1970s and early 1980s following a series of sightings of the creatures which are said to be 6ft 7in tall and covered in reddish-brown hair. Read more