Finding Water and Cache’s in Dry Riverbed’s (With Video)

May 23, 2010 by  
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Cottonwood Tree’s in arid country indicate a river bed. Whether that bed turns out to be wet or dry is another question. But if it’s dry, examine the ground by one of the largest and most ancient of the cottonwoods, on the inside bank of the old river’s curve; you will usually fund a small pool of water in the wet season and a good place to dig in the dry. There should be enough ground moisture so that if you really need water you can dig down a foot or so and find seepage. However keep in mind, that it usually does not pay to dig for water. With the amount of energy used the moisture lost in sweat usually far exceeds that gained from the hole you have dug. But if you are far away from civilization and desperate you do not have much to lose. Read more