PA bowhunter falls from treestand during bear attack

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Images An archery deer hunter suffered multiple injuries from a 15-foot fall from his treestand that occurred during his struggle Sunday evening with an aggressive black bear. The bowhunter, who was not immediately identified, said a sow and four cubs approached his treestand in Gregg Township, when one of the cubs climbed his tree. When he tried to frighten away the cub, the sow climbed up and began swatting him. Centre Daily Times.

Tree stand bear attack sends deer hunter to hospital

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Images A Michigan deer hunter required surgery and 40 stitches in his leg after two black bears attacked him as he sat perched in his treestand while hunting deer in Emmett County Saturday evening. Chad Fortune, 21, said he fought back with his fists and feet as two bears from a group of four climbed the tree and attacked. Detroit Free Press.

Grizzly attacks sleeping man in Canada

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ImagesTwo Canadian men received non-life threatening injuries when they were attacked by a grizzly bear while sleeping in the East Kootenays region of British Columbia Wednesday night. In the mayhem, one of the men attempted to shoot the bear with a rifle that misfired. “It was totally a predatory attack and not a defensive attack because there was no threat,” said hunter Jeff Herbert. “Unfortunately we were on the menu that night.” The Calgary Herald.

Florida man survives black bear Attack at Home

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DownloadedFileA Heathrow, Fla. man suffered scrapes to his feet and legs after he surprised a 400-pound female black bear and her cubs as they raided his garbage can last week. “You don’t really expect to get attacked by one in your yard in a gated community in Florida,” said David Amsler, 34. In the Orlando Sentinel.

Colo. woman uses pillow to chase bear from bedroom

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BildeShe thought a Bear was the family dog? I wonder if she was into the cooking sherry?  And where was the family Dog he did not even bark? Time for a new family pet. Sally Rebehn said she thought it was the family dog that followed her into her bedroom last week before she realized it was an adult black bear. “I grabbed a decorative pillow and threw it at her and she turned around and left,” she said. Authorities with the Colorado Division of Wildlife later trapped and euthanized the female and its three cubs. In The Vail Daily.

Grizzly mauls Wyoming sheepherder

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A sheepherder received multiple cuts, gashes and puncture wounds when he was a attacked by a female grizzly bear he found killing sheep he was tending near Fontenelle, Wyo. early Monday. Marcello Tejeda, 46, was life-flighted to a Idaho Falls hospital, where he remains. The Sublette Examiner.