Ben Lilly Mountain Man

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In the annals of southwestern mountain man and desert rat lore, few loom as large as Ben Lilly. The life and exploits of this mysterious and peculiar lion and bear hunter has captured the imagination of generations of readers. Bill Tarrant devoted a chapter to Lilly in his book Pick of the Litter, and another fascinating Ben Lilly story, written by Frank Hibben and first published in F&S in 1954, can be found in the book The Best of Field & Stream, 100 Years of Great Writing. Read more

NJ cops shoot 300-pound bear that charged officer

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Images Police in Clark, NJ shot and killed a 300-pound black bear Sunday morning after the animal charged another officer in a Woodbridge park. Authorities had tracked the bruin through several yards in the neighboring Colonia section of Woodbridge after receiving calls from residents. Daily Record.

Michigan Hunter Knocks Out Attacking Black Bears

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BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — A 21-year-old Walloon Lake bow hunter who was trapped 15 feet above the ground when black bears came calling on his tree stand delivered a haymaker when it matter most, survived to tell the tale — and now is disputing the state’s account of his harrowing ordeal. Read more

Bear enters Colorado home, attacks man

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In the latest in a long summer of black bear incidents taking place in and around Aspen, Colo., a man received non-life threatening injuries when a bruin entered his home and attacked him Thursday night, according to authorities with the Colorado Division of Wildlife.