Batoning: How to Safely Baton With Your Knife (With Video)

May 15, 2010 by  
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I think batoning is a skill that everyone who goes in the field should learn with a smaller knife. However that being said the proper tool for the job always works best. I have plenty of experience doing this, because in my travels I have been stuck with out the proper tool and had to make do because of the mission or situation. Read more

How to use a Fire Steel (With Video)

April 13, 2010 by  
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A lot of people think fire starters are straight forward and simple to use.  They really are not, and it takes some practice and proper technique to get competent with their use.  A lot of people have spent cold and hungry nights because they did not know the  proper method. When you purchase a fire steel the very first thing you need to do is remove the coating by scraping down the steel until you see a distinct color change. Read more

How to Make a EDC or Every Day Carry Kit (With Video)

What should you carry in your EDC kit? I can’t give you the definitive answer because I do not live where you do, and the laws are different in every state. I will help you to start thinking about what you need. It is important to know that an EDC kit is not a Back Pack or bag type kit. It should consist of just the basic items you’ll need to help you quickly respond to situations that could arise during your day. Read more