Rap Hating Buck runs amok in recording studio

October 29, 2010 by  
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Images Jeff Landrock says he isn’t sure how much damage was caused when a 4-point buck crashed through a window and into his New Hampshire recording studio, where it stayed for at least 20 minutes, knocking over equipment and furniture. “It could’ve been much worse,” he said. “It could’ve been antlers through the speakers.” Foster’s Daily Democrat.

Buck sends Oregon bird watcher to ER

October 24, 2010 by  
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A bird watcher and photographer who inched as close as 8 feet to a bedded mule deer buck near McNary Dam on the Oregon side of the Columbia River on Thursday learned a painful lesson about wildlife comfort zones. The buck leapt up, charged Neal Hinds, and gored him in the leg, landing him on his back–and in the local hospital. Tri-City Herald.

Man brawls with Bobcat to Save Ducks

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ImagesA Hermantown, Minn. man rescued his pet ducks and geese from an attacking bobcat inside his garage Saturday after one goose went missing the previous night. Gary Lucia, 52, suffered a bloodied head and face, but saved his remaining fowl from serious harm. Duluth News-Tribune.