Memories of the .30-30

December 29, 2009 by  
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A favorite of lawmen and deer slayers alike, .30-30 lever-guns defended our Home Front in two World Wars, fed a then-mostly rural nation and still have ThreeLittleLeverguns2(3)utility for sport and home protection.

My childhood wasn’t different from others of the Baby Boomer generation.  Northern Virginia after World War II was an odd mix of The Walton’s and American Graffiti.  The rural south still existed where we now call it “outside the beltway.”  When Dad bought our Annandale house in 1954, State Route 236, aka “Little River Turnpike” was a 2-lane country road between Alexandria and Fairfax Courthouse, which wasn’t yet a city.  Our neighborhood was surrounded by dairy farms, hardwood forests were full of game, and we shot my brother’s open-sighted .22 bolt-action out the upstairs bedroom window to kill woodchucks raiding Dad’s garden.  Our neighbor was an avid hunter who let us watch him butcher deer and feed scraps to his two German shorthaired pointers. When I turned 12, he showed me his deer rifle, a Winchester Model 94 in.30-30.  Like any kid who watched TV cowboys of that era, I was enthralled! Read more