UK fishery says white bread is unhealthy for carp

June 16, 2011 by  
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DownloadedFile This fish eats poop, and a host of other extremely disgusting things, the amount of  white bread use to bait a hook is so miniscule there is no way it would affect the fish.  This is a situation where some moronic bureaucrat has nothing better to do.  My question is when are the Brits going to stop letting these people push them around.  The use of white bread as carp fishing bait has been banned by a British fishery on the pretext that it’s not healthy for the bugle-mouthed species. “The fish tend to get lethargic and bloated if they consume too much white bread,” said Graham Mabey with Greenridge Farm Fishery. But Malcolm Coller of the Carp Society disagrees. “Carp have been around since Biblical times so they will probably survive eating white bread,” he said. The Telegraph.



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