Protected minnow hamstrings Arizona border agents

May 20, 2011 by  
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I would pursue however i had to, and if  the DOI or anyone else tried to stop me I would arrest them for obstruction.  If I was the county sheriff I would be there every day enforcing every law possible . What a joke this is. Take a look at the photo of the environmental damage  that the illegals cause as they come through. Talk about environmental damage, a police officer in pursuit can not hold a candle to the damage they inflict on an area.    A Homeland Security and Interior Dept. agreement mandates U.S. Border Patrol agents pursue drug smugglers and illegal aliens on foot through 40 acres of Arizona’s Organ Pipe National Monument because of a pond containing federally protected desert pupfish. Agents may use horses, but only if the steed eats weed-free feed so its feces won’t impact the ecosystem. Audrey Hudson at Human Events, hat tip to Frank at the Westerner blog.



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