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All 37 skiers marooned in the Yosemite backcountry near Glacier Point have made it out to safety, reported Cari Cobb at headquarters for Yosemite National Park.

“They all did make it out and they’re good to go,” Cobb said.

Cross-country skiers on overnight expeditions were marooned Sunday by a blizzard with high winds and up to six feet of powder snow. A group of 21 broke trail for 10 miles, taking turns at the lead position, to eventually reach help at Badger Pass Ski Area, according to Sandra Ann Harris, who posted details of the ordeal on the Chronicle’s Slope Dope.

Another 16 people, including seven Stanford students on spring break, later made it out by various means, Cobb said. “We laid in tracks with a snowmobile and most were able to ski out on the tracks,” Cobb said. “A few we helped via Snowcat or snowmobile, about two to three miles out.”

Yosemite National Park remained closed Wednesday, with all roads in the park shut down except for “essential travel,” Cobb said, with mudslides, rock falls, downed trees and more snow and ice accumulations during the ongoing series of winter storms. Electricity has been down all week in Yosemite, with a generator making headquarters functional, she said. Power is not expected to be restored until Saturday evening and there is no tentative date to reopen the park to the public.

At the Badger Pass Ski Area, the kitchen was transformed into a rescue center, Harris detailed in her report. Propane provided heat and the skiers with their sleeping bags used the floor as a campground until they were evacuated Monday afternoon.

On clear winter days, the cross-country ski trip from Badger Pass out 10.5 miles to Glacier Point (7,274 feet) and a ski hut is an epic trip, with a pay-off view where you tower 3,000 feet over the valley floor, directly across from Half Dome.

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