Pocket Auto: For People who do not want to carry a gun

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There’s no arguing that few, if any, would consider the Guardian as an ultimate choice for an all around gun. But for some it’s the right choice. The Guardian is safe, reliable and accurate once you get used to shooting it. I have a bit of trouble based on the size of my hands. But as you can see in the video my shots are still all in the black.   It met all of the criteria in our test, and will do what it needs to if pressed into service. It is 4.4 inches long, 3.2 inches high, .86 inch wide, and it weighs in at 13 ounces empty or 15 ounces fully loaded. It fits in a pocket, a belt or pocket  holster or it can be placed in a tackle box or kit bag with no real increase in weight.  Selecting the flat bottomed magazine will reduce the pistol’s profile even further.

I know a lot of old men who like the Guardian to take fishing, mushroom hunting and  on smiler activities. If they run into a individual , dog or other nasty varmint they are covered.   When they get home to the grand kids, it takes seconds to unload and put away. The heavier trigger pull also makes them feel more secure. Remember, we made this video for people who carry a gun but who really do not want to. These people are not going out every week or month and shooting a competition , they are not arresting people or chasing down fugitives. They feel that where they are going they need to carry. But at the same time have no intention of strapping on a full size gun. The Guardian fits that bill perfectly for them.


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