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This year has gone by fast for me and as we enter into this Christmas season I’d like to reflect on what this time is for. As we gather with our families and friends I think about how I wish every day could be like Christmas, not for the gifts or food but for the attitudes of giving and helping the less fortunate.  You can say what you like about the United States but there is not a country on this plant that contains a more kind and generous people.  I feel blessed to have been born he and call it my home.  No matter what happens in this world the Americans are the first to respond and offer their help to those in need. This time of year we focus on a spirit of giving here in our country.  Not that we stop caring for others it is just more self evident right here in our own cities and towns.

The Christmas season marks a time for newness, starting first with the remembrance of the birth of our Lord and Savior and the New Year being right around the corner. During this time while everyone is getting into the festive season by doing things for others, we can know that each of us has the ability to bless and be blessed by the ones we love, and also those that are less fortunate.

The reason for this holiday is Christ our Savior was born. If we look at the Biblical story, what  do we see? The baby who was born in the manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes? Or do we see the bigger picture? The true meaning of Christ’s birth is God came to this earth as a man who was born, and who later died, and was resurrected from the dead and given life again so that we might have life. This is the true story of Christmas. It is a message of redemption.

I hope you will take a moment to reflect on the real message of Christmas. As you bless others during this season you are imparting the partnering with the work of our Savior who gave His life so that we could have life. As we give please remember the first gift that was given to us, God’s only begotten Son, given so that we might have life.

I appreciate all of you, and I want you to remember although most of us will be with our families enjoying this holiday season. There will be others who will be working in the US and abroad keeping us safe, and keeping all of the services going that make our lives so much more enjoyable. Also keep the less fortunate in prayer that God would do a great work, restoring their jobs, homes and families.

Merry Christmas,

The Trail Boss



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