Wilderness Survival Rule of Three’s (With Video)

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No matter what kind of outdoor activities you plan to do, you may one day find yourself in a wilderness survival situation – lost in the middle of nowhere, or you took the wrong fork in the river,  with no food and no gear.  It can happen you get and would you know what to do? The Rule of Three’s is something that everyone should know before taking any outdoor  trip. It could save your life.

So what is the Rule of Three’s?

A person can survive for:

  • Three minuets without air
  • Three hours without shelter
  • Three days without water
  • Three weeks without food
  • It seems pretty obvious what your priorities should be in a wilderness survival situation once it is spelled out like this. However a lot of beginners think that finding food is the first thing they should do. So they spend all of their energy trying to find some food, and before they know it the sun is setting. It’s getting cold. Clouds are rolling in, and it starts raining or snowing . They still have no food, and now they don’t have any shelter. If that is the case you are in real trouble

    Your first goal should be to make sure you are sheltered from the elements. In a way that you do not use up all of the oxygen inside the ne you build or the one you find.  Even at moderate temperatures  you can still get hypothermia – especially if you are wet and the wind is blowing. So you should seek shelter as soon as possible. And in warmer climates, you should seek shelter from the sun as well.

    The rule of threes is a simple way to keep your priorities straight.



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    1. ke4sky on Thu, 14th Oct 2010 5:53 AM 

      Two more threes which I was taught:

      Three SECONDS in a hazardous environment (if you have not done a proper “size-up”) Lack of situational awareness can be fatal.

      Three MONTHS without hope. A survivor’s mindset, teamwork and a strong faith can overcome almost all obstacles.

    2. Montana hunters recover from CO poisoning | ShilohTV on Wed, 10th Nov 2010 7:36 AM 

      [...] is why we talk about living 3 mins without oxygen in the rule of threes  http://shilohtv.com/?p=7638 Two western Montana hunters found unconscious after a propane heater leaked carbon monoxide into [...]

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