Snakes under siege: Airborne mice parachute on Guam

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DownloadedFile In an effort to help eradicate the invasive treesnake on the island of Guam, the USDA is testing a new method of delivering poison to the reptiles: parachuting expired mice laced with snake-killing Tylenol onto the thick tree canopy, offering the slithering non-natives an appetizing—and deadly—meal. Ain’t science grand? Discover Blog.



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  1. ke4sky on Fri, 24th Sep 2010 11:27 AM 

    Interesting site on the history of brown tree snakes on Guam:

    Oahu, Hawaii, was nake-free oceanic island until snakes began appearing in ship and air traffic from the mainland and other island areas. Of particular concern are the 8 documented discoveries of brown Treesnakes on Oahu at Hickam Air Force Base, which constitutes the primary focal point for air traffic from Guam. Emergency trapping was conducted without resulting in captures of these snakes…The information amassed from Guam suggests that snakes are capable of reshaping island ecosystems, and the conditions that seem to lead to problems of such magnitude appear to be widely distributed among both offshore and oceanic islands.

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