Chobani Greek Yogurt / Agro Farma Feels Outdoor Men and Woman are Nothing But No Good.

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Here at Shiloh TV we will no long purchase or encourage anyone to purchase products from Chobani or Agro Farms.  We feel their policy toward persons who enjoy the outdoors and certain outdoor activities is wrong and we will  not spend our hard earned dollars on companies who think people who do, are not in keeping with their “nothing but good” policy.As all of our readers know I give credit where it is due so I sent an email to Chobani telling them I enjoyed one of their products. I was contacted by their communications manager Ms. Emily Schildt and we spoke and had a pleasant conversation about how it could be used in outdoor cooking and the preparation of wild game.

I want you all to know this is not sour grapes. They offered me no money to use their product and I did not ask for any. It was simply a professional courtesy.  I advised  Ms. Schildt that I could use it in a cooking segment. A short time later she sent me an email and asked me if I could make a fish dish ? I told her I could do something with trout.In the next email  from Ms. Schildt  she stated “  I’m just a bit hesitant to endorse something that could be viewed as inconsistent with our “nothing but good” brand.  Because they have a large vegetarian, animal friendly (enthusiastic!) fan base that we don’t wish to upset”. As you all know we promote, the shooting sports, hunting, fishing hiking camping etc.  So I responded with the following email.


No I am not upset at all  far from it . I am glad I did not endorse a company who thinks being an outdoors man or woman is inconstant with their nothing but good brand.  I will be sure to select a brand that is constant with our beliefs. I will also be letting my subscribers and other outdoor writers and show hosts know how you feel about people like us so that we insure are money is well spent elsewhere.

I Remain


After sending  Ms. Schildt this email she called me and poured more salt in the wound by telling me “  she would like me to promote their products to persons like myself but I could in no way connect it to them as it would be offensive to their other customers”  I thanked her for the call, said goodbye,  and hung up. I then received another email from Ms. Schildt Offering me their products for my own personal use free of charge.

If you go to their web site you will see that they have recopies on the site for preparing farm raised animals and fish. But as a hunter or fisherman it is offensive to harvest our own.

If you wish to express your own opinions as to their policy  Please go to and let yourself be heard.




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