Simple Improvised Trapping Techniques (With Video)

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I place a heavy emphasis on trapping skills.  Setting traps takes little effort to set up and the benefit of the protein and fat from animals will keep you going and your brain working during any emergency situation. Many people dismiss trapping and think they can shoot, spear, or by some other means catch their quarry. I am here to tell you that if you want to fill the pot and keep it filled trapping will do just that.

A trap whether it is constructed of man made or natural materials is nothing more than a mechanical ambush with a simple triggering system. The construction of the trap is not as important as the placement and preparation of the trap site.

You need to learn how animals move and think.  It does not matter where you live, being able to identify animal homes habits and trails to and from there food source is easy. All it takes is a little time and observation. Once you learn to identify a specific animal’s food, water source and trails that lead to his home, it does not matter where you are; all animals are creatures of habit everywhere in the world.

Start reading books and watching videos on trapping. The information gained from trapping books on where a steel jawed trap can be set is just as applicable to setting improvised traps.  Then find out what your local laws are then just go out and try it. You learn by doing.  Then if you get in trouble and need the skill, you do not go into panic mode trying to remember what to do.  It will be an integral part of your skill set.  However keep in mind that in an emergency situation there is no need to follow any rules everything that keeps you alive until help arrives or until you can get out is in season.

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