Summer Time Shark Attacks

Recent shark attacks may have you thinking about what you can do to avoid being attacked by a shark. The yearly average of unprovoked shark attacks on humans is increasing resulting in more deaths every year.  Here is a list of rules you can follow to lower your chances.

  1. Always swim in a group. Sharks most often attack lone individuals.
  2. Don’t wander too far from shore. Doing so isolates you and places you away from assistance.
  3. Avoid the water at night, dawn, or dusk. Many sharks are most active at these times and are better able to find you than you are to see them.
  4. Don’t enter the water if bleeding. Sharks can smell and taste blood, and trace it back to its source.
  5. Don’t wear shiny jewelry. The reflected light looks like shining fish scales.
  6. Don’t go into waters containing sewage. Sewage attracts bait fishes, which in turn attract sharks.
  7. Avoid waters being fished and those with lots of bait fishes. Diving seabirds are good indicators of such activities.
  8. Don’t enter the water if sharks are present. Leave immediately if sharks are seen.
  9. Avoid an uneven tan and brightly colored clothing. Sharks see contrast particularly well, so use extra caution when waters are cloudy.
  10. Don’t splash a lot. Also, keep pets out of the water. Erratic movements can attract sharks.
  11. Use care near sandbars or steep drop-offs. These are favorite hangouts for sharks.
  12. Don’t relax just because porpoises are nearby. Sightings of porpoises do not indicate the absence of sharks. Both often eat the same foods.
  13. Don’t try to touch a shark if you see one!

If attacked by a shark, the general rule is “Do whatever it takes to get away!”  I personally would go down fighting.



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