Hunting With the Cold Steel Throwing Torpedo and RPG (With Video)

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The Torpedo and RPG are a lot of fun for target throwing because they are easy to throw from almost any distance. These tools slide effortlessly from the hand for a perfect release and offer twice the sticking potential of a conventional throwing knife. What’s more, they allow you stand way back from the target (20 yards or more) and really throw them with tremendous force. They are also great Multi-Taskers. After you practice a bit you can throw either with great skill, the Torpedo delivers enough power and lethal penetration to cleanly dispatch animals up to a small deer. The RPG will take out any small game.  Because the Torpedo and RPG can be thrown without noise, even a near miss often will not scare away the quarry or spook other game in the general vicinity. Since they can only be thrown within the limits of its user’s skill and strength it poses little danger, and can serve admirably in areas where firearms, or bow  usage is prohibited or too dangerous. At close range, the Torpedo and RPG can stop the most aggressive animal or individual. All that being said, I use the torpedo as a extra camp tool breaking up hard soil and splitting wood. I use the RPG as a hand hold wedging it in a crook of a tree, pulling myself up or hold myself steady in a tree I also used both to dig into a a dead stump to obtain grubs to fish with.


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