Alex Honnold Sets Insanity Record on Half Dome and The Nose

June 25, 2010 by  
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Madman rock climber Alex Honnold shot up The Nose and Half Dome in a combined 8 hours over the course of the day. He set at least one speed record on Half Dome, breaking his old record by 41 minutes, and he likely broke a combined route record by adding The Nose.

In an email to Chris MacNamara, Hans Florine wrote that Honnold “only used [the rope] getting to boot, for the king swing, and on the great roof.” In Tom Evan’s June 22 ElCap Report, he wrote that Honnold was “3rd classing everything [on The Nose]. He did pull on a cam from time to time but didn’t break out the rope until the King Swing, which he did well. The next time it came out was on the Great Roof when he actually climbed like a roped soloer would. It was typical Hondo climbing… almost looked casual.. Never rushed… cruising along.”

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