Easy: Make A Self Feeding Wilderness Stove (With Video)

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Cooking in the wilderness can be a little bit tricky. However by making this wilderness stove it will cure a lot of the problems people have cooking in the field. It is made with materials you find right on the trail, it requires no skill to make and only takes a few minuets.  I can assure you this will become one of your new favorite bush craft skills.

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  1. Steve in Merritt Island on Tue, 20th Jul 2010 6:19 AM 

    Great idea you got there! Here in sub-tropical Florida, with the steamy humidity, the wood will often stay damp for weeks. Getting a fire to cook on, or even started, is a chore. When camping, I always bring my pre-made fire-starter from home. I have a large size vitamin bottle with a relatively wide mouth that I fill with clothes dryer lint. On top of that I pour a little candle wax on the lint about every one inch in height. This will usually burn reliably for a while between two small, parallel sections of log. As the lint burns I often need to feed it with small twigs and dried leaves to keep it going. When started I just rest my small stainless pot on top. It is a amazing how many wildfires we get here in Florida in the rainy season, and how difficult it is to get a campfire going in the dry times.

    Enjoy your work here…

    Steve in Merritt Island

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