Fishing in Wild Places (With Video)

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For an angler with a love of America’s wild places fishing in these type of remote waters promises epic adventure and a stockpile of stories for you and your family. When Meriwether Lewis and William Clark began their expedition to explore the Western part of the continent, they commissioned Private Silas Goodrich to be their fisherman. It was Goodrich’s job every night to wet a line in the river and see what he could bring home. His assignment was partly for food, partly for scientific research,1 but mainly because Lewis, Clark, and Goodrich all loved to fish.

The fact that their minds were on fishing is evident in the list of gear they brought with them. One of Lewis’s lists of requirements included “4 Groce fishing Hooks” and “12 Bunches Small fishing line.” A later summary of purchases listed 2,800 assorted fishing hooks, and 125 large fishing hooks and fishing lines as Indian presents.

Your own expedition probably won’t require a thousand hooks, but a well-stocked back country angler will carry enough equipment to insure success.  There are no marinas or stores to restock. The good part is it is all lightweight, packs well, in a small space. Be prepared for every kind of weather, from searing heat on the eastern plains to July snowstorms in the mountains. Always carry a rain jacket, and bring lots of bug spray, for as Lewis wrote, “The mesquiters are terrible!”

Fishing’ in the wilderness will help you  learn about, explore, enjoy,  the fish, wildlife, and natural wonders of the land

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