Girl, 9, Struck by Lightning Survives Without a Scratch

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May 29) — A young Colorado girl struck by lightning lived to tell about it — and without a scratch on her. “I was laying down, the lightning came through the window and shocked my foot,” 9-year-old Lexie Archuleta told a local CBS station. Lexi was in her bedroom watching television on Wednesday when the lightning hit her Commerce City, Colo., home, and shocked her, reported a NBC news affiliate. Lexie was barely able to speak after the incident. “My daughter is just freaking out saying her insides are burning,” her mother, Tracy Archuleta, told CBS. When Lexie was taken to hospital for tests, she didn’t show any sign of serious injuries. Her bedroom showed no signs of damage either. The South Adams County Fire Department examined the house with a thermal imaging camera and said that it had been struck by lightning, which indirectly hit Lexie.

The camera, which can pick up images invisible to the naked eye, showed evidence of smoke inside the walls of the building, according to CBS. “Somehow there was a flashover from an intended conductor — maybe it was a wall outlet, maybe it was an aluminum window frame,” Richard Kithil, CEO of the National Lightning Safety Institute, told NBC. “This girl was close enough to that that lightning flashed over or was induced from an intended ground path to her. No fire, no burn marks – unusual, but it happens.”

Thirty-four people were killed and 253 injured by lightning strikes in the United States last year, according to One of those deaths occurred in Colorado.

“I feel lucky,” said Lexie. Via AOL



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