How to Purify Water

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To purify water boil water for at least 2 minuets to insure all bacteria is killed, then pour back and forth between containers to restore oxygen and taste.Disinfecting with household bleach kills some, but not all, types of disease-causing organisms. The bleach must contain chlorine in order to work. Don’t use scented bleaches, color-safe bleaches, or bleaches with added cleaners., use 4 drops per gallon or 1 drop per Liter. Double the amount of chlorine if the water is cloudy, murky, or colored, or if the water is extremely cold. If after sitting covered for 30 minutes the water doesn’t have a slight chlorine odor, repeat the dosage and let sit for another 15 minutes

Disinfecting with iodine is generally less effective than chlorine in controlling the parasite Giardia, but it’s better than no treatment at all. Add 5 drops of 2% iodine (from the medicine chest or first aid kit) to every quart or liter of clear water; add 10 drops if the water is cloudy. Let the solution stand for at least 30 minutes.

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