The Traditional Bow (With Video)

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The longbow was used in the Middle Ages both for hunting and as a weapon of war and reached its zenith of perfection as a weapon in the hands of English and Welsh archers.  The longbow was first recorded as being used by the Welsh in 633 AD when Offrid, the son of Edwin, king of Northumbria, was killed by an arrow shot from a Welsh longbow during a battle between the Welsh and the Mercians — more than five centuries before any record of its military use in England.

Longbows are not difficult to master However considerable practice is required to produce the swift and effective fire used in small and medium game hunting.  The longbow is a long and short-range weapon, and in my opinion one of the most fun to shoot. The length gives it a smooth draw. And they are available in a multitude of draw weights.  The traditional style bows have an advantage over the slower-shooting, compound and crossbow when taking small game and birds on the wing.  There is not much a Traditional archer cannot and will not do with his bow.


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2 Comments on "The Traditional Bow (With Video)"

  1. Steve in Merritt Island on Mon, 10th May 2010 12:50 PM 


    What specific bow do you recommend for the truly novice bowyer. Haven’t touch a bow since high school (the first Nixon administration).

    Steve in Merritt Island

  2. John Broekhuizen on Mon, 10th May 2010 2:32 PM 

    Honestly one of the Greatree’s are good because they are middle of the road good quality decent price, if not one of these and you just want to get back into it buy a kids fiberglass 20 pounder, they go for about 20 bucks they are fun, you can shoot them all day, just like with guns shooting is shooting, when you want to go bigger and you are done with getting the basics in order find some kid to give it to, and pass on the obsession, if the bow has to heavy a draw weight, you will get tired and frustrated and you will not see your mistakes as readily. Bigger is never better with a bow, when you are trying to get the basics down.

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