Keeping Your Knife Sharp (With Video)

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A sharp knife is much less dangerous than a dull one. This technique will keep your blade sharp and ready to go to work. Put some compound on your strop or Bark River Block.  Hold the end of the strop firmly or if you are using a Bark River Block put it in a comfortable position on the table in front of you so your knife cannot sag.  Take knife in hand, so that you have a firm gip and you can control the blade easily.  In stropping a knife, use a long diagonal stroke with even pressure from the heel to the point. Start the stroke at the top edge of the strop closest Draw the knife flat, with back leading, straight over the surface of strop. Bear just heavy enough on the strop to feel the knife draw. Do not worry about speed. This will come with continued practice. When the first stroke is completed, turn the knife on the back of the blade. Now draw the knife away from you, completing the second stroke in stropping

A leather strop becomes better or worse according to the care it is given. Do not fold a hanging strop, but keep it suspended, attached to a swivel, or laid flat. When a leather strop appears rough, it needs a hand finish to make it smooth. However with the using the compound this should never be a problem. Accumulated grit is removed from a canvas strop by rubbing it with lather. To remove embedded dirt from a leather strop, the leather strop is rubbed with a pumice stone until smooth. After cleaning a fresh application of compound is applied to maintain the supple nature of the leather.

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