How to get a good Handgun Grip (With Video)

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Do not over think it but a grip that does not fit your hand will not allow you to get off a quick and accurate shots. One size does not fit all.  When you grip the gun you want it to cause the gun to point naturally at the target; Your shouldn’t have to waste any time searching for and aligning the sights or move the gun around in your hand.

When the gun fires, we want it to return to the exact same spot with no effort on our part. If the gun is slipping and sliding around in your hand with each shot, or you can hardly reach the trigger with your finger because the grips are so large you have trouble.  Especially if your life depends on it.  If you can establish a proper grip and learn how control the trigger you can fire the gun fast and accurately.

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One Comment on "How to get a good Handgun Grip (With Video)"

  1. Chris on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 6:23 PM 

    Very needed…I have seen some real posers with vids and GunWebSites….they have videos showing people with hands dangerously in peril of getting slide bitten, thumbs pressing on slides…a total mess and a risk to new shooters…..thanks for clarifying for the masses.

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