Accuracy vs. Precision: Cutting the bullet in half (With Video)

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It is important to understand that a shot  may be precise but not accurate. For instance,  if  your shots are closely grouped together,  but are not where they need to be on the target they are precise but not accurate. Also, shots may be accurate but not precise if they are well distributed about the target but are significantly dispersed from one another they accurate but not precise.  A lot of times in the field or self defense, what you are shooting at will only present a very small piece of itself.  It may be the only shot you are going to get so your shot better be precise and accurate.

Now does that mean that you have to be able to split a .22 bullet on the blade of an ax like I do? No not at all. If you want to insure that you will have fresh game in the pot you do need to take time with every gun you use practicing; deliberate shots at small obscure and even hard to see targets,  at different distances.

I do 99.9% of my practice off hand. Meaning I do not rest the rifle on anything. I do this because I have never in my entire life or career had the opportunity to take a real shot with the rifle rested. All of my shots were taken standing and or moving.  The same situation held true with my handguns. So personally I have never worried about buying fancy gun rests or tables to practice with.  That being said I do take my guns to the range if I need to make a sight adjustment  and rest them on a cement table to make sure the sights are where they need to be.

The best way I have found to practice  is to place smaller targets or small cut out pieces of targets on larger ones,  between, or behind logs or other pieces of wood.  If you really want pressure place the small target sticking out to the right or left or between items that are breakable with just a little more room than the bullet needs to pass through. Very small balloons blowing in the wind, golf balls, ping pong balls and the like all make good  targets.  As you skill increases your target should get smaller.  You can hang pieces of string or twine and try and cut them in half.  I can assure you that you will be absolutely amazed at what you can hit after you practice a while.  You will also be amazed when shooting at regular targets how it seems like you can not miss.



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