A Hunters Mindset

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A hunters mindset  is nothing more than constantly looking for opportunities.  You can use what you see to your advantage or choose to pass it by. You can also choose unwisely and make things more difficult.

Let me give you and example:  I had a group I took out on a survival trip, we came across a location where some cowboys had dumped some items years before. One of those items was a piece of plate steel. One of my students was all excited he was going to make a wilderness griddle so he put it in his pack. My job was to monitor and let them make certain mistakes. I let him do so.

After about 5 miles of lugging that thing the idea was not looking so good, especially after I explained that to do what he wanted, he would have to clean the metal and season it somehow with oil and we had none. So if he were to try and cook on it it would just be a stuck on nasty mess. Food being what we gathered I did not think he would want to waste any on that piece of steel.  Further I pointed out we were going to be on the move, so he would have to carry it day in and day out.  He could not dump it fast enough.

The other students choose wisely they took items that would help them survive, and conserve their energy by making their life a bit easier.  It does not matter where you are. There are things that will help you, hurt you and do absolutely nothing at all.  (kinda like my love life)  You need to learn to make quick decisions, should I take it, leave it, or remember where it is.  There are opportunities everywhere you just have to open your eyes to find them and chose wisely.

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