How to Make a EDC or Every Day Carry Kit (With Video)

What should you carry in your EDC kit? I can’t give you the definitive answer because I do not live where you do, and the laws are different in every state. I will help you to start thinking about what you need. It is important to know that an EDC kit is not a Back Pack or bag type kit. It should consist of just the basic items you’ll need to help you quickly respond to situations that could arise during your day.

For Geeks like John who deal with electronics, he carries things like thumb drives with critical information he may need if a computer he is working on goes down.  An EDC kit should be as light and small as possible. The kit should serve your needs until you get home, to your car or get some outside help.

Assess your environment. In my case I live in the desert, I work in the desert where deadly dangerous animals roam, and in a studio that is in a heavily populated area. Just recently a policeman was shot in the head during a traffic stop.  So the top of my list is a pocket gun along with my primary weapon.

Once you decide what you need and what is legal in your area, you have to decide how to carry them. All of my items go in my pockets. Or attach to my belt. If I need a pack or some other way to carry them they do not fall into the realm of EDC.

Don’t limit yourself to emergency situations; are there any tasks you do normally that would benefit from having a certain item with you such as a pocket knife or multi-tool.  Don’t buy or carry items because someone else does. EDC is about as personal as you can get. The only requirements are will they suit your needs and can you carry them on your person.  It is not about cool, it is about what you need.

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