Virginia police chief cited for self-done skull mount

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1a-Deer_Skull_Mount A Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries conservation officer on Wednesday charged Martinsville Police Chief Mike Rogers with practicing taxidermy without a license—a class 4 misdemeanor costing the chief $121 in fines. His offense? Preparing his own European-style skull mount of his whitetail buck. No kidding! Reported in the Martinsville Bulletin. This chief is an idiot, and the conservation officer is just as much of one. Removing flesh is not taxidermy, if it is then it is taxidermy to skin the animal after it is taken. The fines he paid cover his stupidity. Based on that criteria the state should do a sweep and pick up all of those criminals who are unlicensed performing their own oil changes, car repairs or driving nails in their walls to hang pictures with out a contractors license. Those evil law breaking grandmas need to be brought to justice! The chief said ignorance of the law is no excuse. He is just plain ignorant and the town should probably look for someone with a brain to head their police department. Unless of course he is paying them to work there.



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  1. Steve on Fri, 29th Jan 2010 7:59 PM 

    Your tax dollars at work folks…

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