Learning to Make Precision Shots (With Video)

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Exhibition shooting or trick shooting is a sport in which a marksman performs various feats of skill, using non-traditional targets. This type of shooting can stress either speed, accuracy, or both. Elements of danger can be added for effect. However this type of shooting also increases skill. As in this video if you can hit an aspirin you can hit just about anything. If you want to improve your skill, you have no choice but to challenge yourself. There is no better way I know of then to try and hit things that most people consider to be impossible to hit.

As a boy my Granddad would place pebbles on top of a log. We would shoot smaller and smaller pebbles at further distances until someone missed. At the time I had no idea I was being taught anything I was  having a great time with someone I loved. As time went on I realized he was teaching me a skill the best way you can learn one: having a great time.

Every time I was introduced to a new rifle or pistol the contest would begin. It is a tradition I love to this day.  Learning to make Precision Shots

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