How to make eating utensils in the field (With Video)

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Unless you plan to be stranded for a very long time or are just board out of your brain. Chopsticks are very useful for both cooking and eating, and take a minute or two to make in the field.

I know a lot of guys on the trail make spoons and forks and all kinds of things to eat and cook with. I myself have done this in the past to show others how to do it. But lets face it we are in the wilderness to enjoy it.  I do not go to build a new civilization.

I go to have a good time, test my wilderness skills and enjoy the landscape, that is why I travel light.  A lot of what I need can be made in just a few minuets like chopsticks.  Many plants are ideal for quickly making chopsticks in various sizes. You can make a pair about a foot long for cooking, and thinner, shorter, pairs for eating.  When you are done no need to wash them, just toss them in the fire.

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