2 Lost Skiers OK After Being Found By Helicopter

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A man and woman visiting Colorado from Hawaii were rescued after they spent a night out in the cold Colorado mountains.
Kira Davis and Duc Ong went backcountry skiing on Christmas Day west of Leadville and got lost.

“We were going at a pretty slow pace, it was very cold and our food and water froze,” Kira Davis said. “The time when it got dark I said, ‘I don’t think we should go anymore because it was avalanche country.’”

The couple’s journey started at the Tenth Mountain Division ski hut near Turquoise Lake. They were headed to another hut, Bud’s hut, seven miles away. After realizing they didn’t know where they were, the pair called 911 and were instructed to stay put.

Rescue teams were sent out to search for them but after no luck, the two spent the night huddled under a tree. The Lake County Sheriff’s Department says the temperatures got down to 10 below and the wind chill was around 20 degrees below zero.

“We just stayed in a sleeping bag. We didn’t have any shelter or anything but we had blankets and trees so that helped to block the wind a little bit but just moving the whole time just to stay not numb,” Said Duc Ong.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department says search crews looked for them all night. The next morning the Colorado National Guard was called in to help. The couple was spotted by a Kiowa helicopter and they were rescued.

“Thankfully and successfully we found them about five hours later we found them in good condition and you got to see them and they’re all going home happy,” said Steve James with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

“I love Colorado, I love the mountains, love high elevation, don’t love the cold,” Kira Davis said.

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