How to Use a Throwing or Rabbit Stick (With Video)

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The throwing stick, commonly known as the rabbit stick, it is very effective against small game and game birds. This tool has been used since the beginning of time.

The rabbit stick itself is a blunt heavy stick that you throw at game, some will tell you that is has to be naturally curved and trimmed at about a 45-degree angle. I disagree,  I personally cut and trim a stick that feels good in my hand, and that I know I can throw fairly acutely.

I do not get caught up in technical aspects or trying to find a perfect piece of wood. If I can throw the stick with accuracy out to about 25 feet it s good enough for me.

After Selecting a stick from heavy hardwood. Shave off  anything that will hurt your hand where you grip it to throw. You must practice the throwing technique for accuracy and speed.

The starting point with the trowing stick is always with the stick resting on the shoulder. I call it the stalking position. Having the stick in any other position will just be like waving a flag at the wild game that you are there when you move it into position to through it.

From the shoulder launch the stick either vertical if you are in brush or tall grass, and horizontal if in an open area. Horizontal always gives you more of a chance to hit the animal you are tying to take.  When you stick strikes it target run to the animal immediately as it may only be stunned and do what needs to be done to insure a clean kill.

With practice you can become quite efficient in taking game and killing vermin.



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