Steven L. Doran

This article contains no photos, no diagrams no fancy reference material.  No piece of equipment you can think of  replaces your brain. They are mere inanimate objects. They are not capable of thought or action.

If a person really wants to survive any situation The must learn to use their brain first.  Stop, Think,  and Gain Control of the situation. Some of you may say I do not have time for that. Yes you do,  no one said you have to do a management study. Get used to thinking first even if it only takes a mili-second. You may make the wrong decision at times but, more often than not you will always come out on top when you think first.

Your ability to use a pice of equipment should never overrides your ability to be aware of your surroundings, and mentally to prepare yourself.  I have known many people in my life that had all kinds of training and not a lick of common sense and all of their adventures or potentially dangerous  encounters were disasters. I have also known people who could talk a good line,  took lots of training and had lost of cool stuff, but when it came down to taking action they always made the wrong decision. Why, They did not stop and think.

All of this is important since it is just as crucial that you have some semblance of an idea of what you are going to do as well as what a person with you may do.  Is that person going to help you, get in your way or just fall apart under stress? I have had more than my fair share of people who told me they had my back do nothing or just plain stand there.

This is not to say I do not go into automatic mode, or get distracted, no one can stay alert all of the time. Secondly I do not believe in code white, blue, red or whatever, too much for me to remember. Common sense in every situation is key.

All of the training and equipment in the world will not replace using your brain to overcome the adversity that you may face in your life.  Muscle  does not replace common sense or using your brain.

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  1. HiT on Sat, 29th Aug 2009 7:47 AM 

    Good information, I agree you have to keep your head out of the sand to Keep out of trouble

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