Wax Ammunition a good way to improve your handgun skills (With Video)

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Wax Ammunition is  a good way to improve your combat handgun skills just about anywhere any time.  The process is so simple, take a wax bullet, push it into the casing , then put a shotgun primer or .22 blank into the other end. The shells I use for wax bullets have been specially counter-sunk where the normal primer hole will accept a shotgun primer. If a .22 blank is used, then you will need a special casing with a special hole off to the edge that allows the center-fire action of the revolver to strike the rim of the .22 blank.

Wax is very easy to load and very inexpensive for practice. You can load the six wax shells in a few seconds and shoot, then reload and shoot again. I personally load 50 at a time.  There are 4 or 5 companies making wax bullets and the casings you can find them on the net. Shotgun Primers can be purchased at most sporting good stores.

If you have lots of time and you are handy you can also make all of your own components. I however am not handy so I purchase all of my supplies. They are so cheap I do not think I could buy the wax for what they sell them to me for. And yes they can be used in semi-autos one shot at a time.

Make sure you have a wood or heavy carpet back stop, and these rounds really hurt if you get hit by one and will put out an eye.  They will also break delicate things. So be careful and pick a safe area to practice preferably one where you can lock or brace the door so no one can enter without you letting them in.

On occasion, one will bounce off eye protection should be worn.  Have fun

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