Ruger MK III 22 Semi-Auto Pistol (With Video)

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Ruger MKIII Semi-Auto 22 Pistol

By Steven L. Doran

Over the years Ruger has made a few changes to their Mark line of pistols they come in different barrel lengths, with different sighting options, magazine releases etc, but the basic function of the pistol is the same.

They are shooters!!! Most of the changes have been safety-related or internally. The Mark III has a magazine disconnect safety that prevents the pistol from being fired with the magazine removed from the weapon.  I do not like this change because if I lost my magazine some how  in a survival situation I could not fire the gun as a single shot even if I had ammo. Do not say it is impossible to loose a magazine or all of them because Murphy has a way of rearing his ugly head when you least expect it and do not need it.

The loaded chamber indicator is a good addition because you can check to see if the gun has a round chambered with a finger on the side of the gun day or in complete darkness.  There is a thin metal bar, which protrudes slightly from the left side of the receiver when a cartridge is present in the chamber.

The best thing about the Ruger MK line of pistols is they all shoot like laser beams. In the test we shot a pistol target (see video)  at 25 yards the group was incredible from all three guns, on the last group I shot with the  fixed sighted Mk III at first I thought I had missed the target because the group was so tight when I  walked up. Then I saw I had blown a nice little hole in the center of the target with no flyers  After we ran the video back and counted the rounds in the group it was confirmed.  The other nice thing about the Ruger is they will eat just about any 22 ammo you run through them. They are not finicky for the most part. But if you are loking for pinpoint acuracy, ammo does make a bit of a difrence, but for what I do plinking and taking small game it does not matter that much to me.

You can still find MKII’s new in the box. MK I would be a bit harder and very expensive to find in that condition but thousands are available on the used market.

Personally I  have never seen a bad MK Series gun. They were the fist gun produced by Ruger  and God forbid but they will probably be the last if something were to happen.

I have tested a lot of .22 pistols for use in survival and filed situations and none have out performed the Ruger for reliability or accuracy so far. I have also found the quality control on other 22 pistols to be very poor and trying to get the problem take care of was exhausting. I had a slight problem with Ruger customer service, it was no big deal at all. After the incident I received a call from a  supervisor who bent over backward to make it right.

If you want a quality .22 Pistol for hunting, plinking to take to the field, that is reasonable in price then the MK Series of pistols is for you.  We highly recommend them.

For more information on Ruger Products go to

As always please realize that with any gun; especially one you intend to use for survival or self defense you will have to practice. I always recommend no less than a half a day and no less than 300 rounds through the gun. You should be fully familiar with its operation, loading, unloading, cocking, de-cocking, firing and accuracy.  If not keep shooting until you are totally comfortable.  This gun is a lot of fun to shoot so it is not like you will be suffering during this process. Go out and have a great time.

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4 Comments on "Ruger MK III 22 Semi-Auto Pistol (With Video)"

  1. Bill on Mon, 15th Jun 2009 12:40 PM 

    I was on the fence of which 22 pistol to buy, I loved the video and the Ruger looks like the one to own


  2. Chet on Mon, 15th Jun 2009 1:36 PM 

    Those Rugers are cool, I will check them out at the gun store when I go in next time, they would be great for little critters

  3. houmaboy22 on Mon, 15th Jun 2009 3:49 PM 

    I am going to buy this gun

  4. iqqhfzdgxrq on Thu, 9th Jul 2009 2:40 PM 

    I love these videos

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