Anything Can Happen in the Wilderness (With Video)

September 26, 2009 by  
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We went out to film a segment as we always do. It was going to be simple, we were doing a spot with John’s wife Gail, on how anyone can learn to shoot.  Sometime you need to just go home.We started with a few technical glitches, then it elevated to a huge diamondback Rattlesnake going after John, and ended with a Killer Bee Attack when a swarm came through where we were filming.  Even though it is a serious we are sure you can not help but laugh.  After it was over we could not stop. Here are the out takes. But it does prove a point, anything can happen at anytime and you better be ready.

By the way the best thing to do in a killer bee attack is run get as far away as you can as fast as you can, even if you are being stung. You will live to see another day.  If you are trapped or cornered you either kill it or learn to jump about 20 feet in the air.

Stay Safe by Being Prepared

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